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13 reasons why “13 Reasons Why” season three could do better

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Leanna Sun
September 4, 2019
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How this show poorly represented high school culture by tackling aspects of various different social issues

Global Voices

Global Voices

Shuvi Jha and Tina Low
February 16, 2019
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Global Voices 2018 was the year Saudi Arabian columnist and champion of free speech Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by operatives in the Saudi consulate. It was the year of censorship, when 251 journalists around the world were imprisoned for reporting the truth. It was the year of intolerance,...

Speaking out of the closet

Speaking out of the closet

Nathan Stevens
May 31, 2017
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i, my name is Nate. I’m a junior, 17 years old, I go by he/him pronouns, and uh — I’m gay.” That last part was so hard for me to get comfortable with, probably because I hadn’t said it out loud very often. And now, I was going to say it in front of the entire freshman class. It took a cou...

A day without a woman: How its success tinged with failure for a weird aftertaste

A day without a woman: How its success tinged with failure for a weird aftertaste

Vivian Chiang
March 8, 2017
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Decked out in all of the red clothing we could possibly grasp out of our closets (which, sadly, ended up being socks, a headband and a bright bandana), we lept up in excitement to see what we thought would be the dawn of a new day. A day without a woman. On 1/21, we marched. On 3/8, we strike. Join us in making March 8th a #DayW...

Drama’s “The Laramie Project” moves audience with the true story of Matthew Shepard

Citizens of Laramie held a parade to commemorate Shepard. The actors painted their own banner to use in the show. Photo by Justin Kim

Ilena Peng
November 8, 2015
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omosexuality is not a lifestyle with which I agree,” doctor Rulon Stacey (junior Grace Nevitt) said. “But I don’t understand the magnitude with which they hate.” “The Laramie Project” tells the story of Matthew Shepard, a young boy whose life was taken by two homophobic men – Aaron McKin...