MVFBLA visits Facebook campus


The Facebook campus bustled with people of all backgrounds and ages, some hurriedly walking into buildings holding laptops while others snacked and chatted with friends at the scattered tables. Amongst them all stood a group of 20 or so teenagers, backpacks strapped onto their shoulders and bright orange lanyards strung around their necks with badges that read “Visitor Pass.” On Feb. 16, students from MVFBLA embarked on a field trip to the Facebook Campus in Menlo Park, Palo Alto as a part of their effort to work and interact with real businesses. Scroll through the gallery below to see what the students did during their visit to Facebook.



About Author

Ananya Bhat is a senior at MVHS, a third year staff member and one of two editors-in-chief for El Estoque. She was formerly an A&E Editor for both the website and print magazine. She loves rewatching tv shows, making funny faces, and has a weird obsession with typography.