Hear it from the rivals: Lynbrook HS boys basketball players discuss their hopes for upcoming quad game


Whether it’s to cheer on a friend or sit back to watch two teams go head to head, basketball games at MVHS are popular social events that allow students from different schools to meet and connect. A competitive atmosphere still exists as they root for their respective teams. Though is the case at an ordinary game, but at quad games, the stakes are higher.

Starting from 3:15 p.m. after school on Friday Dec. 12, four consecutive basketball games happen- all against the same school. The four MVHS basketball teams (girls and boys JV and varsity) will play against their respective rivals from Lynbrook HS.  

Having won in overtime last season, the LHS players say they look to win again, especially at a quad game. With a larger crowd and the pressure of winning best out of four games, the two teams play in a much more different environment.

Watch the video below to hear Lynbrook HS boys varsity players give their thoughts going into the game and the higher competition that comes with a quad game.


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Moll is a junior and a first year staff member on El Estoque. He enjoys playing baseball and plays on the Monta Vista baseball team .