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International Thesmemian Society
*In order to preserve the anonymity of the account’s spokesperson, they will be referred to as “Jacob” throughout this story.

Specificity is what the founders of the relatively new MVHS-themed meme account, @internationalmesmemiansociety, hopes will propel their drama-themed memes to popularity among members of the MVHS Drama Department. A play off of the title of MVHS’ drama club, the International Thespian Society, the account began during a tech rehearsal for this year’s fall play, “She Kills Monsters.”

“We were talking about memes and [@montavistamemes], and how the rehearsal process [for drama]was a meme itself,” Jacob said. “Then we kind of decided to make our own page…we thought there were many ‘meme-able’ things about drama.”

The most “meme-able” thing that the group took inspiration from was La Croix Sparkling Water, a soda water that IMG_0715 copy (1)sparked two polarized opinions — one in support of the drink and the other opposed — within the drama class, yet united them as a topic of discussion.

The account’s first meme featured a photo that a few members of the Drama Department took when they dressed up as La Croix cans on Halloween. In order to let the Drama Department know about the account when it first began without revealing their identities, the founders of the account began by following everyone in the class and commenting attention-grabbing things on their posts.

Though it’s only been about a month since starting the account, and they haven’t been very active because of their busy schedules, it’s gained about 36 followers, which was both expected and unexpected for the founders. They knew that the number of followers would remain small because of the limited audience Drama Department memes target, but they didn’t expect so many people to take a liking to the humor.

“You feel like you have a community when you see memes that relate to you…you feel like ‘Wow, this is something I’m a part of because I laugh at this meme…[memes]unite [us]together,’” Jacob said.

The account founders believe that their follower count is irrelevant, and instead focus on making better memes and trying to foster a community within the Drama Department through them. And despite some jokes made about their page about everything from the memes to the name, they stay encouraged.

“[We] laugh, so that’s the only thing that matters at this point,” Jacob said. “We have the people that really like us and we have the people that hate us. We have our highs and lows, but we’re trying to get it to a place where we’re consistently producing good content.”

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