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Moore AP Chemistry Group
*In order to preserve the anonymity of the account’s spokesperson, they will be referred to as “Beatrice” throughout this story.

Facebook groups and pages featuring memes about a certain topic have maintained popularity throughout the years — one recent example being the now-almost-300-member-strong Moore AP Chemistry group.

Unlike other popular school-themed Facebook meme groups such as UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens, the Moore AP Chemistry group began with only the 100-or-so chemistry students taught by AP Chemistry teacher Supriya Moore.

One member, Beatrice*, began getting into MVHS-themed memes when she found @montavistamemes, and began tagging her friends in the comments. Memes related to school, she believes, can be very effective in producing supportive reactions from students.

So when the Moore AP Chemistry group on Facebook began to make memes more often, Beatrice was excited for the prospect of more specific memes coming to MVHS.

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A post featured in another meme group, reposted in the MVHS Moore AP Chemistry group because students found the message to be relevant.

“The [memes]that are really specific to a certain class that I’ve taken — they just hit me in the heart, like I relate.” Beatrice said. “The most popular memes are the ones that people really relate to, so that’s what really got Monta Vista students, I guess, hooked on them. It’s like there’s a funny side to Monta Vista I guess. And we’re not all just writing robots.”

When a series of events led to all of Ms. Moore’s classes retaking an exam, the group exploded in activity, making memes in reaction to the verdict. According to Beatrice, almost everyone had something to contribute.

“[Ms. Moore making us retake the test] was unfair, and we were all like ‘We’re done with this — we should make a joke out of this.’” Beatrice said. “So one person started by putting a meme into the group suddenly, and it just like an influx of memes.”

When the story of both the test and the memes spread, the popularity of the page grew, gaining 200 more members for the memes including those from outside of MVHS. Not only did the memes bring many new people into the community — according to Beatrice, it also strengthened the bond of the existing one.

“We all had something funny to say so we all did, and it brought us together,” Beatrice said. “I know everyone in all three classes because we all talk to each other so much. It’s like the idea of like our unified struggling at Monta Vista that fuels this environment of meme pages.”

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