In an time when we’re constantly surrounded by stimuli, whether it’s the constant buzzing of our smartphones or the perpetual chatter of television sets, it has become increasingly difficult to find a good night’s rest. A study published this year in the peer-reviewed journal “Nutritional Neuroscience” found that vitamin D supplements may be able to remedy poor sleep quality.

After some studies found that poor sleep quality has a direct relationship with vitamin D serum levels, researchers at the Ahvaz Jundishapur Medical Sciences University conducted a study to determine whether consuming vitamin D supplements could improve test subjects’ quality of sleep.

In a clinical, double blind test performed in late 2015, 89 subjects with sleep disorders were divided randomly into two groups. One group was given a vitamin D supplement every two weeks for eight weeks. The other group received a placebo.

Before and after each trial, subjects answered the Petersburg’s Sleep Quality Questionnaire, questions pertaining to sun exposure and questions pertaining to vitamin D serum levels. The study yielded significant results, as those who had received intervention demonstrated significantly lower sleep scores than the placebo recipients.

So what does this mean for you? According to the findings, vitamin D may improve sleep quality, shorten sleep latency and lengthen the duration of those between ages 20-50 with sleep disorders. So next time you find yourself unable to catch a good night’s rest, perhaps a vitamin D pill could benefit you.


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