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Homestead HS senior Vishnu Srinivasan was sitting in his AP Statistics class last year when he noticed there were quite a few people in his class that were struggling with the content. He decided that he was going to make a resource, with other students in the district, that would be able to help students succeed in their classes. Srinivasan had struggled with similar issues, having only moved to America in the middle of his sophomore year. He had a few teachers who had helped him catch up, and he wanted to do something similar for his Statistics class.

This is where the idea of Onclass had come from.

Srinivasan founded Onclass last year, and has worked with many students around FUHSD in order to create a tutoring system by students for students, including MVHS seniors Matthew Hsieh and Rahul Srinivasan. Hsieh is currently Onclass’s secretary and head of the MVHS division and Rahul Srinivasan is the head of recruitment.

Photo used with permission of Vishnu Srinivasan

Photo used with permission of Vishnu Srinivasan

“Onclass is a non profit organization, where students are a helping hand to [other students],” Rahul Srinivasan said. “Basically people my age have the ability to access a tutor for numerous subjects, such as physics and SAT content.”

Onclass has online tutoring available for students all over the Bay Area and in-person tutoring at the Cupertino library. These sessions have taught Vishnu the importance of tutoring in a classroom setting.

“We mainly focus on helping high school students, middle school students and underprivileged students with educational resources,” Vishnu explained. “One-to-one interactions will help them gain knowledge of the concept.”

Despite the small staff of 25 FUHSD students, Onclass has seen over 2,000 regular users to their website using their online content, with over 100 students for in-person tutoring.

“Our main mission is kind of summed up in this quote: ‘collaboration not competition.’ A main [idea]we focus on is that everyone can strive together,” Hsieh said. “We want to remove the idea of large companies devoting to one student and making it seem like a competition of who has the best grades.”


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