The Office of MVHS


The high school experience is a whirlwind for some and a slow trudge for others. In lapses of nostalgia, seniors recollect their freshmen year as a blur, a culmination of fluctuating grades and a reminiscence of teachers’ and friends’ faces. Occasionally, there are the miscellaneous, but vivid tidbits: one’s disdain for the whole-wheat pizza crust or the mortifying slip-and-fall near the stairs of the B Building. Occasionally, we recall the staff behind-the-scenes of MVHS, those who are, rather ironically, situated in the front office.

Click through the links below to tour each portion of the MVHS main office. Only accessible through desktop computer.

The Office: Frontline

The Office: Right Wing

The Office: Left Wing


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Helen Chao is a sophomore at MVHS and is a first-year member of El Estoque. She currently writes for Opinion.