There’s the always forgotten LiAngelo, there’s Chino Hills HS’ sophomore standout Lamelo and then, of course, top NBA draft prospect Lonzo–all united under one name–Ball. They are three very accomplished ballers pushed towards the goal of becoming NBA stars under the influence of their pops–the one and only Lavar Ball. There’s no doubt that Lavar has something special with his kids’ talent, but is he managing the potential and promise his kids have in the right way? Only time will tell, but for now he has the whole world, including MVHS basketball club officer junior Abhinav Nimbalkar, talking about them.

EE: How is Lavar Ball affecting Lonzo’s draft stock?

Abhinav Nimbalkar: I feel like Lavar Ball is drawing attention to his entire family. Lavar Ball has a bad connotation to himself, obviously, but I don’t believe that it is changing the public’s view on his son. His son is a completely new player with raw talent and has major potential. I do feel like he will not be judged for the actions done by his father, because at the end of the day, it all comes down to the player and their talent. There should be no correlation with Lonzo’s draft stock and with how Lavar Ball is acting.

creative commons lonzo picture

Lavar Ball and his son Lonzo have taken the basketball world by storm. Photo by Pre Pal, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

EE: What is your opinion on the Big Baller Brand?

AN: I believe that brands are just a way to help express athletes’ own style. How buyers feel about certain players may induce them to go ahead and buy the brand, maybe because they relate with them, or maybe because they have respect and admire the player. It is a way of categorizing styles. Lonzo Ball is just trying to draw attention to himself using his song at the moment, and maybe he hopes to start a new style or trend. Personally, I believe this entire thing he started is not going to work out, for people already take him as a joke.

EE: Are you more excited to see what the Ball brothers can do on the court or off the court once they get to the professional stage?

AN: I think that their entire family situation should be the most interesting thing to come. Sure, Lonzo Ball may be an exceptional player, but with so much of his family being apparent in the social media today, there should definitely be some interesting things that are going to pop up.

EE: Is Lonzo the best player in this draft? Who can challenge him?

AN: I do believe that he is the best candidate in the draft at the moment. Markelle Fultz is a contender [who]can definitely challenge him, but I like Ball’s well-rounded skill base, so he has the upper hand on Fultz.


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