REX Productions releases homecoming documentary


Along with the activities of celebration week came REX Productions’ long-awaited homecoming documentary. The documentary includes the preparation and performances of all four classes. Even though homecoming was back in October and the documentary was supposed to be released in December, there were organizational problems that delayed the production process. Director of operations and senior Nithin Kumar shares some of the problems the club faced in publishing their main documentary of the year.

EE: What kinds of problems did you face in getting it up?

NK: First of all, we had a lot of people who did the filming, so it took a while to find all the footage from everybody because it was really scattered across multiple people. Also before that, [we were]supposed to finish editing something else for REX, and that other film came out. And then when [we]start editing, [we]were like, “This thing is missing,” and then we have to go through everyone who filmed and find out. “Do you have it?” “Nope.” It takes a while, I guess. And also we were a little lazy.

EE: After the delay, was it intentional that you released it during Celebration Week?

NK: It was pretty convenient, [but]no, it just happened to be. Because of that, I guess the timing worked out so we were able to pass it off as, “Oh it’s a look back,” but it wasn’t supposed to happen, but it worked out alright.

EE: What do you hope the club does next year?

NK: I hope they have better organization than we did this year so that footage isn’t so scattered and misplaced. Also, I hope there is less procrastinating and they’re able to get things done better in time and when they set deadlines they actually follow them. We set deadlines, but… even then [we]still didn’t finish it, so hopefully they can get on that next year.


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