Behind the Cube: MVHS Rubik’s Cube Club shares stories about their first Rubik’s experience


The timer goes off and freshman Nitin Subramanian’s fingers become a blur as he fights the clock, trying to solve the Rubik’s cube. Nitin’s hands go in different directions as his mind races, trying to find the next available pattern. It’s competitions like these that encourage him to try to solve the Rubik’s cube faster each time.

“Competing in a competition is astonishing. Meeting kids who have the same passion makes me want to keep practicing. And going back to competitions,” Subramanian said. “That’s why I still keep cubing today.”


These are the moments that Nitin fondly remembers after competing in his first Rubik’s cube competition. Before Rubik’s Cube Club was created, Subramanian and junior Mayank Singamreddy first tried their hand at solving a Rubik’s cube out of their own interest. Watch the video to see them share their stories and watch them solve Rubik’s cubes together.


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