Homemade hipster: How to make crêpes


Additional reporting by Amanda Chan and Akshara Majiga.

To celebrate the annual national French week, which takes place in the first week of November, the French Honor Society officers threw a week of small activities in late February. According to French Honor Society president senior Christine Chyu, it was because of bad planning — but the officers didn’t want to completely neglect the holiday. For one meeting, they had created the batter and made crepes in their classroom, and the members seemed to love them. In turn, Chyu explained how the group of officers came together to create the batter to make the crêpes.

In the FHS classroom, there are mini crêpe makers that the officers use to make the crêpes just right — but crêpes are a simple treat that you can make right from the convenience of your home.

Check out the video below to learn how to make crêpes.


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