Player profile: Harshitha Sriraman



As winter rolls in, the golf season slowly comes to an end. Senior Harshitha Sriraman has played for the MVHS girls golf team for the last three years. Over the years she has gained experience as a player, and as a member of the golf family. Sriraman reflects on her memories of the past season, and what her future plans regarding golf are.

El Estoque: What was one moment you will never forget this season?

Harshitha Sriraman: I had a lot of favorite moments over the season but I would have to say my favorite one was when we were playing against Homestead, and it was our second match against Homestead. Our team was down by five strokes and I was the last person on the team playing. Everyone was waiting on my score. I got my score and I got the perfect score and we ended up winning by 5 points. I essentially carried my team to victory.

EE: What will you miss the most about golf?


EE: How did being the only senior on the team affect your relationship with the other players?


EE: Will you continue golf in the future?

HS: I definitely plan to continue golf in college. It’s what I’m passionate about and I would really like to play on a club team or maybe even the varsity level teams in school.


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