Brothers win Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament


This week, the Student Center was home to gamers. Clusters of people congregated around television sets, watching familiar Nintendo characters battle.

The third annual Super Smash Bros Tournament lasted from Oct. 24 to Oct. 28 and involved a total of 32 paired teams competing in a double elimination bracket, meaning that after a team had two losses, it would be out. Each games lasted for seven minutes.

The two players of the winning pair each received a $10 gift card. The consolation winners — teams which did not make it to the final championship rounds — won king-sized candy bars. This year’s champions were junior Patrick Lee and freshman Chris Lee, who are also brothers.

“If you have a sibling who really likes the game,” Patrick said. “That’s a good way to train.”

After all, “brothers” is in the name of the game.


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