Elected class officers for 2011-2012 state goals


Soon-to-be officers discuss objectives, school issues, and possible solutions

Candidates campaigned during the first three days of the week of April 11-15 with posters such as Srinath's (above). Results were released on Wednesday, April 13.The results of the class office elections were released on Wednesday, April 13. The majority of the elected officers were incumbents, with the exception of 2012 class officers, 2013 IDC Representative-elect Arnon Karnkaeng, 2014 Social Manager Colin Kim, and 2014 Secretary-elect Sriya Srinath.

Although the new officers have yet to take office, they have established goals for the student body, leadership class, and class officer team.

Senior class president-elect Peter Choi , who served as 2012 class president in his sophomore year, is now returning for his senior class president position. Choi noted that switching from a class officer to a student and then a class officer again broadened his perspective in regards to school issues

“Now that I’m back on this team I know what the problems are and can put that information together and make it happen senior year,” Choi said.

Choi, Srinath, and Karnkaeng, who have all worked with class officers in the past, and share the same goal of increased communication between class officers and the rest of the student body.  

“Whenever we have a fundraiser or something similar, we usually reach out to the same people,” Karnkaeng said. “I feel that our class is much more diverse than that and I feel that we can definitely make more connections to our class and get opinions from every person.”

Choi feels that perhaps one way to solve this issue is by allowing students outside of the leadership class to participate in promotion videos for fundraisers or class events such as Junior Prom. Srinath hopes to make such events more successful as a class officer, and looks forward to working with the other officers next year.

Each class elected their class officers during a three-day campaign. See “Class office winners announced” for the full list of the elected candidates.


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